Owing to our technological capacity, video advertising at ClipMeUp is made ultra-efficient. We help you set pinpoint targeting in order to reach your viewers and boost ROI tremendously.

Brand Security

Our ad units are placed on upmarket sites most-visited by your audience.


Deliver your message to the right audience at the right time across the right advertising inventory.


Our product scalability allows you to tap into billions of auctions every single day.

Content Owners

Streamline your video content to the new, innovative medium — connected TV! On your request, we’ll create custom applications for a lineup of CTV/OTT devices within your budget.

Custom Interface

Customize UI and UX of your applications according to your audience, as well as business objectives.

Expand Your Audience

Ensure your presence across world-renowned media streaming platforms, such as ROKU, Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, SamsungTV, AndroidTV.

Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated support team spares you the trouble of dealing with the technical challenges and resolves any maintenance issue for you.


Leverage your income with our non-invasive video ads.

Brand-New Revenue Source

Integrate your existing ads with our video ad units to generate more views.

Up-and-coming CPM

ClipMeUp boasts competitive CPM and fill rates.


Track your video ad campaigns’ performance in real time.

Formats We Use

In-Stream Ads

These ads are inserted online into a video stream online and they can be pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.

  • Pre-roll is a video ad placed before the actual video content.
  • Mid-roll and Post-roll are placed in the middle or at the end of the video ad unit respectively.
  • In-stream ads are integrated with the video content that a user will definitely watch all the way through.
Out-Stream Ads

Also known as in-read or native video, such ads do not necessarily stream into the other clips.

  • Non-invasive: Due to the seamless integration into the site, such ads never obstruct users from tapping into other video contents.
  • Viewability: Once a user leaves the web page, the video stops to play.
  • Publishers can advertise on their web properties without needing video content.

Who We Are

ClipMeUp is a digital advertising company with a primary accent on online video ads.

Our company was formed by a young yet well-versed team having years of experience and the insightful understanding of online advertising principles.

Your cooperation with ClipMeUp is positive in both commercial and personal areas. We aspire to create and maintain close relationships with our clients and partners, furnishing them with a scope of video advertising solutions and personalized assistance.

Our Apps

Our team is constantly working on expanding our CTV/ OTT applications library to connect your video ad campaigns with profitable target audiences.

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